Jan 4, 2007

Treasure Island - Social House


Social House at Treasure Island. The place is pretty cool. It's a restaurant but you'll feel like you're sitting at club. But food here was pretty disappointing. Some of the food was good but most of them weren't. This was the place I've been wanting to try and I finally tried and wasn't that good. Oh, and the service was good. If you wanna eat here, you might wanna make reservation.

Cool expensive bottled water (it's pretty big and tall) $7.50 x2

Lobster curry with Tamarind dressing $36 (It's a salad)

Shrimp and crab fried rice $14
It was really bad taste, or I should say no taste.
We can make better than this. We couldn't eat this at all (except big piece of shrimps).
Don't order this.

Panko Crab Cake $17
Taste: So-so

Cold sesame noodles with Tempura shrimp $16
It was pretty bad taste. Noodles and tempura shrimp wasn't matching together.
Also our waiter told us it's a soba noodles and it wasn't.
Don't order this.

Sushi. Tamago (egg) $6, Binchyo Maguro $6, Adobo chicken and caramelized onions with soy vinegar chicken reduction $8

Shrimp and Pork Lumpia served with sweet chili sauce $16
It's eggrolls. It was OK, nothing special.

Scallop and Giant Clam dynamite $18
My opinion: I didn't wanna eat after 2 bites.

Banana Split $12 (Milk Chocolate ice cream, diced marshmallow, chocolate fudge caramel ice cream, banana ice cream)
This was the best food here. It was excellent. Try this!

Mochi $11
I think it was Azuki, Mango, Lychee, and pumpkin.
Taste was like homemade but it wasn't that good.

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