Jul 25, 2007

Four Queens - Hugo's Cellar


Hugo's Cellar at Four Queens. We had a comped dinner here. When we walked in, they gave me a rose. That was very nice. The restaurant is relaxing, and the service is great.
We loved the scampi. It was very good. Everything seemed a little expensive, but their entrees are pretty big portions, I mean, I got my big filet mignon wellington with foie gras, and it comes with potatoes, veggies and a salad for only $50? That's a pretty good deal. Some other restaurants charge $50 for a piece of small meat. Although I wasn't crazy about my wellington, I liked my husband's filet. What I really can't believe is that Four Queens has such a nice restaurant like this!


butter shaped like roses. pretty.

Scampi "Hugo" $14 ---tastes excellent!
Sauteed jumbo shrimp with garlic, green peppers, sun dried tomatoes, white wine and fine herbs. I'd order this again. It was really good.

Lobster Bisque $12 ---tastes ok.
A rich lobster stock finished with cream
Bisque had a little fishy taste. It was ok.

Hugo's Salad Cart ---tastes good.
Create your own salad from our table-sized salad cart. Includes: crisp romaine leaves, fresh peeled tomato wedges, bay shrimp, chopped eggs, sliced fresh mushrooms, marinated artichoke and hearts of palm, blue cheese cubes, roasted pine nuts, croutons and grated parmesan cheese. Choice of Caesar dressing, honey-orange-walnut vinaigrette or our own pepper dressing.

Raspberry sorbet to clean your mouth

Filet de Boeuf ~ Atlantis $52 ---tastes great!
10 oz. filet wrapped in bacon, served on a bed of lump crab with bernaise sauce.

Beef Wellington $50 ---tastes ok.
Filet mignon, topped with a duxelle of foie gras and mushrooms, baked in pastry, served with a bordelaise sauce.
I didn't think I'm gonna get a whole big wellington, I was expecting slices. Hard to tell from the picture, but it's pretty big. And needs more sauce.

My first time foie gras

Creme Brulee $5 ---tastes ???
Tasted different from normal creme brulee but I'm not sure what was the difference.

Kona Coffee (for two) $10
Freshly ground Hawaiian Kona coffee beans brewed at your table with our unique brewing system.

This was very fun and new experience. Can you tell how small coffee cup is?

Dinner 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm daily



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