Aug 21, 2007

Sonic Burger


At last, our first time Sonic Burger. There are no Sonic Burgers in Los Angeles, the closest one is in O.C., I believe, but there are so many in Las Vegas. So we went to the one across from the Palms casino. This one is open 24 hours.
I thought the taste was better than other fast food burgers. I really liked my popcorn chicken. The French fries were very salty. Cookie Dough Blast was sweet, it was too sweet for me, but my husband said that's what the taste is supposed to be. He really liked it.

#1 Combo Meal - Sonic Burger, Fries and Medium Drink $4.69

Popcorn Chicken $2.99

Cookie Dough Blast (reg 14oz. size) $2.49


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