Sep 24, 2007

Blimpie - 12" club sub


Blimpie 12" club sandwich, which is ham, turkey and cheese. We got with no cheese, and half ham, half turkey. I don't like turkey and my husband doesn't like deli ham. It's $6.89, we had a $2 off coupon so it was $4.89 for 12 inches. We got this inside Walmart, and the menu seems to be smaller than the regular store. Taste was OK. But I prefer Subway. The difference between Subway and Blimpie is that Blimpie has roasted peppers!
I just can't believe how fast food is getting more expensive. I was watching a Food Network show last night, and they said when Domino's just opened their first store, a whole Domino's pizza was $1.10. Now one sub costs $7.

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