Sep 25, 2007

California Pasta Productions - Valencia (CLOSED)


California Pasta Productions in Valencia, CA.
Everything tasted so-so. They made our order wrong. They cut pizza not evenly, and also topping was not even. As you can see in the pictures below of the first pizza, some of the slices don't have any olives, and some have too many. Also the crust was bended. Their pizza crust is very thin and crispy, like crackers.

Bread was good.

Garlic Prawns & Basil $13.99
Mushrooms & Roma tomatoes sauteed in an olive oil wine sauce. Served with linguine.

It was a pretty big portion.

This is the pizza that they made so wrong.

Below is the correct pizza, it was free since they made our order wrong.

Italian Sausage Pizza $10.99
Mild sausage, marinara sauce, red bell peppers, onions, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese.


Copper Hill and Seco Canyon
Valencia, CA 91354

(661) 297-9991

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