May 27, 2008

Beard Papa - Valencia, CA (CLOSED)


Beard Papa in the Valencia mall, bought this after Xa Kitchen. I've tried 4 different locations of Beard Papa, and the best was at Hollywood and Highland. All the other locations were not so good, including this one, too.
These puffs were small. The custard was less than at other locations, and the worst part was that the dough looked like it wasn't cooked (the one I circled). Also this location has limited flavors. When I asked for cheesecake sticks, they said they don't have it, even in the showcase, and when my husband asked for green tea or strawberry, they said they don't have it, even though they said they do on the board.
And finally, don't get boba drinks at Beard Papa. No taste, wasting money.

$1.95 each.

Milk tea boba drink, $2.25


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