Jun 1, 2008

Charlie Brown Farms - Littlerock, California


We saw this place when we were driving to Vegas. Sometimes we like to use this back way to Vegas, through Littlerock to Victorville. Charlie Brown Farms has so many unique items. From homemade popcorn to honey, also imported soft drinks that you don't see so often at local grocery stores. There is also a BBQ place, lots of dolls, and Luxor-style Egyptian figures, Superman cookie jars, and so much more. It was just so fun to look.

Honey, $5.39

From left: Coke $1.19, Coke $1.99, Nesbitt's $1.49, Bubble Up $1.49

Big Cherry, $0.60

I never had or seen this before, but I liked it a lot.

Red pecans, $3.99 lb.

We bought these because we had never seen red pecans before. Inside seems to be the same.


Charlie Brown Farms
8317 Pearblossom Highway
Littlerock, CA 93543

(661) 944-2606

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