Jun 23, 2008

Stratosphere - Spa Room


First of all, we are so pissed off about this Stratosphere offer we used. The offer was for 3 free nights in a spa room, $100 dining credit, all-day ride passes, and $200 free play. We were also double-booked at Circus Circus the exact same days, and we were planning to sleep in this spa room, because we thought the Circus Circus room would be terrible. But we both couldn't believe that actually the Circus Circus room were much nicer and better than Stratosphere.
This spa room is basically the exactly same as standard room, except this room has a spa tub instead of a regular bathtub.

Here's the really angry part. When the owners of the Stratosphere changed recently, they also changed how all the offers work. We didn't know until the second day that everything in this offer was taken out of our Stratosphere players club credits. When we checked our comp money on our last Vegas trip, we had about $400 in comps. After using this offer, it was about $250. They took out $50 for the dining credits we used, and also 2 nights, about $100. After we realized this, we had one more night but we checked out, and we also didn't use the ride passes, and left over $50 in dining credits.

We are never ever EVER gonna use any of Stratosphere offers from now on unless it says 100% absolutely comped and not taking off any money from our players club points.

I still can't believe they took out $100 for this room from our players club credits.

cheap 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, lotion, and soap

plastic cups with the ice bucket

This is the spa you get in a spa room at the Stratosphere. Probably the worst spa room we ever got. How can I enjoy the tub if there is a toilet right next to me in this really dark bathroom?


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