Jun 29, 2008

Wing Lei - Wynn


Wing Lei at Wynn. Michelin Star upscale Chinese restaurant. The only Chinese restaurant in North America with a Michelin Star. Excellent service. The food was very good, too. There were some lotions and mouthwash in the restroom. We had $200 in comps we could spend here, and we ordered too much food. We couldn't finish eating (of course).

Pan-seared pot stickers (pork, cabbage, bamboo shoot), $12

It was great.

Ahi tuna roll (julienned carrot, rice noodle, sweet chili sauce), $15
Very light. I think this didn't have much flavor. I can eat it, but I wouldn't order this again.

Peking duck salad (mesclun lettuce, almond, orange, truffle vinaigrette), $14

Worth the money, try it. This salad was really good and the Peking duck itself was also very good.

Seafood sizzling rice soup, $12
The soup was excellent. It looks like almost has no taste but it was very tasty. We never had rice soup before, but it's just so good.

Sichuan chili prawns (wok fried choy sum, garlic, spicy soy bean sauce), $36

Yang chow fried rice, $22
I loved it. It tasted like the fried rice you get at ramen restaurants in Japan. You know, the fried rice at ramen restaurants and at Chinese restaurants is different.

Ma po tofu, $20
Most unusual ma po tofu we ever had, the sauce was very different from the ma po tofu I know.
I can't explain, but we didn't like this one. To me, it's not ma po tofu.

Pan-fried noodles, $20
Very good.

Twice-cooked pork belly (cabbage, king oyster mushroom), $25
Well, I thought it's kinda gross eating pork belly. I don't like pork, so I didn't like this pork belly so much. But if you like pork, maybe you're gonna like it.

Strawberry truffles sampler (shortcake, pistachio crumble, sorbet, jelly), $12

It's an egg size, very very small but each one tasted soooooo good and pretty. Too cute to eat.

Comparing with spoon how small they are




Rating: 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes, I would go back


reservations: (702) 248-DINE or (888) 352-DINE

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