Sep 23, 2008

Hometown Buffet

Hometown Buffet. It was $22.58 for 2 people. So about $12 per person. We always talk how every time we come here, the price is higher than last time. I personnaly hate Hometown Buffet. Low-quality food, high fat, instant food...and too much American food (of course). Just too much for me. I just don't like this type of food at all. The reason we came here was because sometimes my husband goes crazy and he just wanna go to a buffet. But everytime after finish eating, he says this is nasty, I don't wanna anymore.

And the worst part about eating here is the kids, they don't wash their hands after bathroom, and when we were eating, one old man came out from the bathroom and he had long toilette paper under his shoes.

From all these total 20 pics, my plate was only 3 of them.

My salad

My first plate

My drink

My second plate

Rating: 1 / 5
Repeat: No


Anonymous said...

Hometown buffet is not very good. Your pictures look a lot better than I remember.

I do recommend eating there for the people watching. The freakiest people there. People really seem to take "all you can eat" pretty seriously.

This one guy walked over to the desert area, and was unsatisfied with the size of the plates there so he got one from one of the dinner buffets. He stacked a HUGE amount of cobbler on there. Then he went to the ice cream machine, and just pushed the lever and stacked about a half a gallon on top of it. I was impressed and disgusted at the same time.

Food is not too good, but show is spectacular! where else can you get dinner and a show for $12. rating 4/5.

Vegas and Food said...

I agree!

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