Jan 21, 2009

Encore Las Vegas hotel room


Encore Las Vegas hotel room. It's very nice. Rooms are close to elevators. Everyday, there were 2 complimentary bottles of water on the desk. We stayed 3 nights and I was very tired, but I couldn't have deep sleep at all. Maybe the bed or pillow wasn't so comfortable for me. It looked fine to me, but I was keep waking up every hour every night. Also the Encore has a big menu of the room service (but expensive).

I don't have any complaint about the room, but be sure to check your bill on the TV a day before you check out. Somehow, we had got charges for a spa fee that we didn't use. We had to fill out a dispute form saying that we didn't charge anything. Casinos make mistakes like this all the time. It happened at The Palazzo before. They charged us $100 for food at the cafe, and we didn't eat there. My husband had to fill out the form there, too.

The big black door on picture right is the closet.

fax machine

360-degree TV

The black thing is for lights and curtains.

big window

It says: "Feel free to read the ingredients or count the calories. If you decide to indulge.. and we hope you do.. items that are removed for longer than 60 seconds will be charged directly to your guest account. Placing other items inside the bar may also incur charges to your guest account. Refrigerators for personal items are available through housekeeping."

mini bar

inside closet

It's a big closet.


Love the shower here.

mini TV on the wall

You can put your stuff on a little black shelf.

view from the room at night

view in the morning

We were hungry so we bought this at the snack shop. This little bag was $4. It was good though. I wanted more like a sandwich, but Encore doesn't have a late-night place for sandwiches. We asked but they said we have to go to Wynn.


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