Jan 9, 2009

Mirage - remodeled room 2008


Mirage's new remodeled guest room. Yes! Finally they did it!

CLICK HERE for pics from before the remodel.

We loved the design of the room. The bathroom was still tiny, but a nice design. They also had a new higher-quality hair dryer, which I loved using. The only complaint would be the mini bar. We noticed there was left-over food in the mini bar from somebody before us, and also some of the items were missing. We called about it to make sure we wouldn't get charged, and for them to fill up the mini bar and clean out the old left-over food. But nobody cleaned it or filled up the missing items while we were there, which was 2-3 days.

Mini bar with left-over food + missing items. I wonder how old that food was. We didn't touch it, because it's disgusting. I hope they cleaned it up after we left.

soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion


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