Jan 31, 2009

Taco Bell Value Menu


Value Menu items from Taco Bell in May, 2008. We also had a coupon for free Fruitista Freeze. My husband ate all the food and I didn't eat any of that so I don't know the taste. I had a Fruitista Freeze and it wasn't good at all. You may think these are cheap, but think about the calories and other bad stuff in it. It's just so bad for your health. Maybe you're gonna ended up going to hospital and paying so much money for bad health in the future. This is why I don't eat this.

Triple Layer Nachos 79 cents (It's 89 cents now)
340 calories/ 18g total fat / 2.5g saturated fat / sodium 720 mg
A (small) plate of nacho chips, covered in simmering red sauce, hearty beans and nacho cheese sauce

Cheesy Double Beef Burrito 89 cents
460 calories / 20g total fat / 7g saturated fat / sodium 1620 mg
Tortilla filled with doubled the seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, seasoned rice and red sauce

He said there was too much cheese and not enough beef.

Big Taste Taco 99 cents
420 calories / 22g total fat / 6g saturated fat / sodium 1030 mg
A flour tortilla loaded with seasoned beef, lettuce, crunchy red strips, cheddar cheese and creamy jalapeno sauce

Fruitista Freeze Mango Strawberry
250 calories / 0g total fat / 0g saturated fat / sodium 10 mg

Tasted like medicine.

Taco Bell Value Menu

Rating (food): N/A (I can't rate it because I only had the Fruitista Freeze)
Rating (service): 2 / 5
Repeat: No


Taco Bell nutrition info:

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