Feb 17, 2009

Four Queens - Magnolia's Veranda, 2008


Magnolia's Veranda Cafe at Four Queens. It was late night, nothing was open at Four Queens except here, and we also had RFB for free food. So we knew we'd hate it, but again, we were hungry and it was free.

The first 3 pictures and rest of the pictures were taken on different days. Food in the first 3 pics was fine, but the rest was just awful.

CLICK HERE for pics from March, 2008.
CLICK HERE for pics from 2007.

Fancy shrimp cocktail $8.95

Omelettes $8.30 ($6.50 + $0.65 each additional item)
Comes with toast and hash browns

This omelet was actually OK.

This omelet was ordered on a different day. I guess the chef was different, because this omelet was cooked with ingredients and eggs together. Watery and a little burned. I felt like green peppers were defrosted frozen green peppers.

coffee $1.95

Fake butter. That's right, it wasn't real butter.

The Jackson Square with blueberries $6.95 + $0.75 = $7.70
two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs any style, bacon or sausage

Pancake was awful. Bblueberry tasted fake. Whoever made this food sucks.

Magnolia's Veranda late night menu

Rating (food): 1 / 5
Rating (service): 1 / 5
Repeat: No


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