Mar 10, 2009

Fig and Pomegranate Dorayaki


When we went to Little Tokyo Mitsuwa 2 days before they closed, and I saw these. The price tag says $1.99, but everything was 50% off, so they were 99 cents each.

What is dorayaki? CLICK HERE.

Basic dorayaki usually has red bean paste in it, but these had a fig and/or pomegranate jam spread between red bean paste and pancake. We loved these. These are delicious. Especially we liked the fig. Fig had more stronger flavor than pomegranate.

So if you see them at the supermarket (you can probably get at Mitsuwa), try it. I recommended! They are perfect with green tea!

Picture left is fig, and the right is pomegranate.

Rating (food): 4.5 / 5
Repeat: Yes

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