Mar 1, 2009

Quiznos - free subs from Million Subs Giveaway


So we got these Quiznos free subs. I know that some of you had problems. In fact, there are a few Quiznos in my neighborhood, and one of the stores says "no coupons", other one says "you must buy chips and a drink to get a free sub" or something like that. But there is one Quiznos that accepted the free sub coupons, so we got these for free without showing ID or anything (but we had to pay for tax, it was 84 cents for two). Also the people who work there weren't jerks. So that was lucky, I guess, since there were so many people who couldn't get it for free.

to read about all these people who had trouble getting free subs.

Also I don't think they really reached a million subs, they probably stopped before it reached a million, due to all these people complaining.

This was my second time at Quiznos, and I'd never pay my own money to eat there. Quiznos subs are really small, and not enough toppings. The veggie sandwich and the chicken sandwich were both only 2 inches wide. At Subway, you can get bigger bread with triple toppings.

Normally, these tiny subs costs $4.67 each!

Veggie Sandwich

Honey Bourbon Chicken Sandwich
It was spicy. It's got 2 different types of sauce, tomatoes, chicken, and lettuce.

Rating (food): 1 / 5
Rating (service): 3 / 5
Repeat: No

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