Apr 16, 2009

Stratosphere - Romance Suite


Romance Suite at Stratosphere. There were 2 TVs and fridge, also coffee maker. There is a big hot tub in middle of the room. Also we had 3 nights here, but we never got room cleaned.

Room wasn't so bad, but we like to have our bathroom more private. Also we like to have more TV channels (this room only had basic channels). So unless they build a door for the bathroom and have more TV channels, and clean the room every day, we won't sleep here.

CLICK HERE for spa room
CLICK HERE for standard room

There are folding doors, so you can watch TV while you are in the tub, but you have to make sure to close that door when you use the bathroom. But this door doesn't close 100%, it's closed, but it's not so you can hear noise while you are using the bathroom.


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