May 13, 2009

Red Rock casino hotel room


The third time Red Rock hotel room. I love the design, but this place always gives us excuses. The first time we stayed here was when they just opened up, but they gave us a dirty, not cleaned room, so we had to move to a different room, and the room we got was for the people who's with wheelchair and also that room was next to employee stairs, so it was quite noisy. So we left 4 hours later. Luckily, we had a room somewhere else on the Strip.

This third time, the room was nice, we also got free food credit and free slot play. But when we checked out, they messed up with our credits. They charged us a resort fee and the restaurant bills. The only thing we should have had to pay for was the tips at the restaurants and everything else should not be charged. So we had a long talk and arguing for over 30 minutes, and after so many times calculating, finally they charged us correctly. Same thing happened when we stayed here the second time. Staying here seems to be too much trouble for us. So if you are staying here, make sure you check your bill before you check out. I'm telling you, they ALWAYS make mistake.

The resort fee here was I think $20, which includes newspaper and free internet access. And don't forget to check the local newspaper, because they often include coupons for buffet or restaurants.

2 sinks. There's also a small TV on the wall so you can watch while you're taking a bath.

shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soaps, cottons, bath gel, something like that

View from room. You can see the Strip.

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