Aug 18, 2009

Our Trip to Tokyo 2000 - PART 2


Here's the pics from our Tokyo trip, part 2. I wish I took more pics.

CLICK HERE for part 1.

This is the hotel room we stayed. I know, it's extremely tiny. It was a little less than $40 a night.
Not all the hotels in Japan are so small like this. We tried to find the cheapest room and ended up staying here.

Bathroom. Yes, I know. It's tiny.

This is from a restaurant we went to inside a department store.
Menu has color photo with calories so you can avoid high calorie food. Now you can understand why Japanese people are not so fat.

Underground restaurant. There are so many restaurants and stores underground in Japan. Also connected to the subway station.

drink menu

chocolate parfait 7.50 yen

toast 2.50 yen

Tokyo Odaiba

This is from restaurant buffet at Odaiba. These weren't good.

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