Sep 3, 2009

Food from Mitsuwa's Kyusyu Okinawa Fair, July 2009


Here's the items we bought at Mitsuwa's Kyusyu Okinawa Fair in July. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at Mitsuwa, all the freshly made-to-order items were finished so I couldn't buy most things I wanted to buy. But they still had these items.

Mitsuwa will be having Hokkaido Fair this month. I hope we can go and get some good stuff.

Chinsukou chocolate cookie (from Okinawa) $4.99

It was expensive, but since you can only get this in Okinawa, I think it's worth it and it was delicious.

Ageten. We got these for half price (because they were finishing up the event) and it was $3.25.

Hanakouji Kikuya Anpan (from Kyusyu) $1.80

To me, it had strong sake taste and I didn't like it so much.

Ika (squid) manjyu $2.99 each

Squid bun. This is white.

And this is black.

I loved both white and black buns. It was sooo tasty.

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