Sep 29, 2009

Lobster Fest 2009 - Long Beach, CA


Here's the pics from Lobster Festival in Long Beach, about a week ago. We had some parking problems, we kinda had to park far away, but there was a tram that takes you to this festival place. Not only was there nasty expensive food, but also some little shops selling accessories and clothing, also playground so kids can play. We went to the port-a-potty bathrooms at night, and there were no lights inside or outside, pretty scary and nasty. I didn't go but I'm never gonna go.

I really wanted funnel cake, but there was a line whole time. Even when we were leaving, after 10pm.

Coca Cola Zero slot machine
You sign up online, then you can play, and you could win prizes (like coupons)

I wanted sausage, but it cost $7

making kettle corn

The Sea Food - where we got food

corn dog $2
It was good.

combination plate $8
shrimp, calamari, fish, zucchini,crab sticks, fish cake, fried rice

This was nasty. Because everything was deep-fried, I felt so sick after eating half. Rice tasted like left overs or sitting there for a while, the fish was seriously nasty. Nothing was crispy.

So at first, we were gonna get lobster, but there were huge lines of people waiting, like hundreds of people waiting for these lobsters, waiting for hours. And I'm not kidding. But after 9pm, the lines were getting shorter, and there were only 10-20 people waiting, then around 9:30pm, there was no line at all, so finally we decided to get lobster.

lobster $17

curry flavor potatoes (but it didn't have enough seasoning and taste)

It was a big mess, because you have to peel it yourself.
I don't know if it's because this was after the nasty fried food or not, but I liked it. But it was really difficult for us to peel it. We almost never eat something with the shell. Although there's gotta be some easy way to peel it.

Hawaiian roll, butter, and coleslaw

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