Sep 12, 2009

Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair in Torrance, Sept. 2009


We went to Mitsuwa's Hokkaido fair today. Everything below was freshly cooked. NOTHING pre-made! I'm very satisfied. The only thing I wanted but couldn't get was soft-serve ice cream. We were here 2-4pm and there was always a line of 30-50 people waiting. The line never got shorter.

Shingen Shio Ramen $8.90 + $0.87 =$9.77

Oh yes! You MUST eat this! The soup was golden color and so tasty. It was really good.

Paocari Yubari melon pan $2.50
They had an oven and I waited 3 minutes and got a just-baked fresh one. It' hard to tell from the picture but it's more orange color.

making taiyaki

White Taiyaki 2 for $3
What's so special? Well, it's WHITE! Also the white part is mochi so it's stretchy. Inside is red bean paste and of course, we waited in line for about 5 minutes to get fresh ones. I was already full when we got these, I couldn't eat until 4 hours later, but it was very good. It must be really good when you eat freshly cooked.

Crepe $5 plus tax

With green tea powder, red bean paste, and whipped cream. They also have chocolate banana and strawberry. The crepe was nothing special. Just normal crepe.

Pullman Bakery curry pan $2.80

It was bigger than an average curry pan. It looks like it doesn't have so much curry inside, but it didn't feel like that when I was eating. If you are eating this, please eat when it's still hot and fresh. This curry pan is really good, probably one of the best curry pan I ever had.

Croquettes from left: shrimp $3.50, mentaiko $3.50, and octopus $1

I wanted to get crab croquette, but the person before me bought the last one and I couldn't get it. I haven't tried all yet, but I had a bite of shrimp and mentaiko, and it was okay. I wouldn't pay $3.50 a piece.

Shrimp Croquette
It's gotta one whole shrimp in the middle

Mentaiko Croquette

Ikameshi (mochi rice stuffed squid) $5.90

Even this was freshly cooked. There are 2 small pieces. They could have a little more flavor.

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