Nov 29, 2009

Mandalay Bay - Aureole

Last week, we were staying at Mandalay Bay, and we had a $30 food credit that came with our comped offer. Recently, we were browsing and we saw this place had a coupon, so we purchased a $50 gift certificate for $4. (They were having 80% off promotion. Normally, it costs like $20.) So it's like we are getting $80 of the food for only $4. That's a pretty good deal.

This place is very famous for wine, but unfortunately, we don't drink. The service was good, food wasn't amazing, but good enough.

complimentary bread (They brought out some bread that you can choose from 4 different breads and we got all 4)
Wheat, French, focaccia, and pretzel. My favorite was french bread. It was delicious.

Duo of Niman Ranch Pork $32
herb-crusted tenderloin, grilled belly, smashed white sweet potato

This was my plate. I didn't wanna order pork, because I don't like it (but I like Kurobuta pork and bacon, that's the exceptions). But I ordered it because I didn't see anything else that I wanted to order on the menu. I don't like white fish, I don't like roasted chicken, and I didn't wanna order steak or shrimp, because I only wanted to do like around $80. But the pork was good. I could finish eating it all.

The pork belly was so soft, like melting in my mouth. Also it was fatty. But delicious. And the white sweet potato was very good, too.

Grilled John Dory $36
brown butter treviso, house made andouille

My husband ordered this. Like I said, I don't like white fish, and to me, it had no taste (to me, white fish always has no taste). But he loved it. It's very interesting that they cook it with grapefruit.

Megan's dessert sampler (top) $13 and complimentary dessert (bottom)

blueberry and peach clafoutis, citrus cheesecake, chocolate mocha cake, nutella creme brulee

menu November 2009

dessert menu November 2009

Rating (food): 3.9 / 5
Rating (service): 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Dinner: Monday - Sunday 5:30pm to 10:30pm
Lounge: Monday - Sunday 5:30pm to 12:00am
Tel: 702.632.7401

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Nov 28, 2009

Las Vegas pics Nov. 2009

Some pics from Las Vegas last week. Finally, City Center is opening next week, so hopefully we can take more pics next week.

Driving to Las Vegas

Airplane! slot machine

Sex and the City slot machine at Planet Hollywood. It's fun! I love this slot machine because it has so many different bonuses.

$100 Wheel of Fortune slot machine

Party Pit at Planet Hollywood


Whiskey Pete's (between Primm and Vegas)

South Point

Adult store near The Orleans casino

The Orleans. I like to play slots here.

Terrible's casino. We haven't been here for many years.

City Center (opening next week!)

Las Vegas monorail

It kinda makes me nervous that the building is not straight up.

Nov 27, 2009

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas hotel room

Hotel room at Mandalay Bay. It was nicer than we thought. The check-in counter is far from the self-park area. Internet is $14.99 per day. Because it's so close to the airport, you can hear the planes in the daytime. Otherwise I liked it.