Nov 7, 2009

Famima - Culver City, CA


My first time at Famima in the U.S. The rice balls and packed sushi were fine, I'd buy them again. But the bun was nasty. I also bought a corndog for $0.99 which I didn't realize it until I saw the receipt that they are made by Sysco.

Overall, I like Famima. I just wish I didn't buy the teriyaki chicken bun, so I could finish my day happy. That bun seriously made me sick.

soba inari sushi $3.79
3 pcs of soba inari and 2 pcs of edamame sushi
They were good. I liked it.

Teriyaki chicken bun $1.69

This was awful. I almost threw up. You can purchase these steamed bun at any convenience store in Japan, and trust me, they taste good. But these buns at Famima in the US really suck. I couldn't finish eating all. They were dry outside, and the filling was like dog food (I never had dog food but it means nasty). Don't buy them.

spicy tuna rice ball $1.60

First, you peel top (to bottom) where I circled it. Then you pull the paper both sides.

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