Nov 24, 2009

Four frozen pizzas


We recently bought 5 frozen pizzas. *I forgot to take pics of Tony's pizza, but it was the worst one of all five. Everything was on sale plus we used coupons, so probably each pizza was around $2-$3.

Basically, I learned that frozen pizza is just frozen pizza. Even if that's the famous restaurant's pizza or celebrity chef's pizza, they can't be close to real pizza you get at restaurants. But I'm sure you already know it.

Personally, Amy's and Newman's Own pizza weren't bad as frozen pizza. I didn't like the others.

From clockwise: Amy's, DiGiorno, California Pizza Kitchen, Newman's Own

Amy's Pizza - pesto
Tasted like real vegetables, not canned or frozen bags (it should, because they are using organic vegetables)

Newman's Own (Thin & Crispy) - Supreme
It's hard to find the frozen pizza has peppers that you can actually see. Most peppers are chopped very tiny and almost can't see.

California Pizza Kitchen (crispy thin crust) - Sicilian

Big slices of salami. Tiny tiny pieces of ham and some sausage. The crust was so thin and so crispy, almost like crackers.

DiGiorno (crispy flatbread pizza) - Tuscan style chicken

We hated it. Ate half, the rest went to trash. Weird flavor. Chicken was absolutely nasty taste. I don't recommend buying it.

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