Nov 11, 2009

Japanese Food Festival, Nov. 8, 2009 - Torrance


Pics from Japanese food festival in Torrance. Admission was $5 a person. This festival was from 10am to 6pm, we got here about 2:30pm, and we saw some people were already leaving and the ramen seemed to be already sold out. There were long lines for takoyaki/yakisoba. We tried 3 different foods from different stalls, but all of them weren't so good. Nothing delicious, just OK. Very disappointed. Also I had a stomach pain after finish eating food. We left in 1 hour, not worth coming here, especially if we are paying for it. I should stick with Mitsuwa's food festivals.

making mochi

Fresh mochi: 2 for $2. One is kinako and other one is mitarashi flavor (sweet soy sauce flavor). Unfortunately, it was just OK. Tasted very different from the fresh mochi I had (many times) in Japan.

Gaja Okonomiyaki $5

This was also just OK. It was very thin, there was cabbage and ginger, I didn't see anything else in it, but I guess that's because they are just making as a samples. Maybe it'll be better if you order at the restaurant with seafood and bacon in it.

Ice statue

tea ceremony

making yakitori (top), dango (bottom left), taiyaki (bottom right)

tsukune (chicken balls) from Shinsengumi

2 skewers for $3 (your choice of yakitori or tsukune)
Again, unfortunately, this was also just OK. It was tasty outside, but inside was greasy.


teaching how to make sushi

There is a garden

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