Jan 28, 2010

Four Queens - Magnolia's Veranda 2009


Magnolia's Veranda cafe at Four Queens. We hated it. We had free meals here, so since it's free, we just ate here, even though we know we don't like to eat here. But it's free!

Our waiter wasn't good. He was so slow. When we asked for real butter for the bread, well, I guess he forgot, he didn't bring us any.

We got our bread at 7:44PM, then we received salad and soup at 8:02PM, then we got ribs and seafood platter on 8:13PM. Then we realized he forgot to bring the baked potato for the ribs. Waited for the waiter for a while, told him, then received potato at 8:22PM.

For the taste, to me, everything tasted so fake, like from frozen bags, pre-made store bought, canned food. No flavor and dry.

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Not so good bread, served with fake butter.

Minestrone for my seafood platter

Gravy for my mashed potato. It was awful and I don't need this much gravy.

Neptune Platter (broiled) $14.95
salmon, crab cake, shrimp, served with remoulade sauce

There were 2 sauces, remoulade sauce and lemon caper sauce. The sauce was AWFUL, mashed potato was probably from pre-made bag (we couldn't eat), crab cake wasn't good at all. The salmon also had no flavor, but I just ate it anyway with no sauce because salmon is good for wrinkles and other things (even I don't have wrinkles yet, I am getting older!).

baked potato for ribs

salad for ribs
I was wondering why the dressing is so orange/yellow? This dressing must have so much corn syrup and other bad stuff in it.

Barbequed baby back ribs (full) $16.95
comes with baked beans, salad or soup, potato, vegetable of the day

some of the menu

Rating (food): 1 / 5
Rating (service): 1 / 5
Repeat: No

Magnolia's Veranda
202 E. Fremont St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 385-4011



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