May 4, 2010

Myojinmaru at Hirome Ichiba, Kochi, Japan


This is one of the most popular place to go if you are visiting Kochi City, Japan.
It's always crowded specially around dinner time and you won't be able to find any seats open. But there is a reason to be so crowded. This "Hirome Ichiba (market)" has so many little shops and restaurants (ok, it's more like food court) inside. And not only that, you can get really delicious local food for really cheap.

Here's the blog that I read and she has a review of this place.

Here's some local stuff you can buy

Ryoma Mango pudding (flan), using local ginger 280yen (about USD $2.5-$3)
Ah yes, here comes Ryoma again.


fake food display

Sake bottles

So I was here with my friend, and she got ramen and it comes with rice.

She also bought big pieces of fried chicken. And oh my god, this fried chicken was actually sooo good. It was still hot, so crispy outside and juicy and soft inside.

Ok, so this is the place I got my food from, "Myojinmaru". If you are visiting Kochi city, you must eat Katsuo no tataki (seared bonito), that's the famous local food and I really wanted to eat something really good. So I choose here. This place actually go and catch fresh bonito fish every morning, so always fresh, but also this place is very famous.

The guy is cooking bonito on straw fire

And here's my 塩たたき定食 (Shio-Tataki Teisyoku /seared bonito with salt) 800yen (about USD $8)
It comes with miso soup, rice, and seared bonito with salt on it. You can choose without salt, of course, but I never had with salt on it and I just wanted to try it.

You would think it's gonna be salty, but it's not. It comes with dipping sauce and you can dip or you can just eat it without dipping sauce, it's already flavorful. I stayed in Kochi for a month, and I ate so many seared bonito, but this was absolutely the best. Fresh fish, made to order, you can't go wrong. Sure, you can eat seared bonito in Los Angeles, but you won't find this quality. It's really good.

Here's the link if you wanna know more about Katsuo no Tataki (seared bonito).

Rating (food): 5 / 5
Rating (service):
4.5 / 5

明神丸 ひろめ市場店
(Hirome Ichiba: 2-3-1 Obiyamachi, Kochi)
Phone: 088-820-5101
Hours:11:00am-15:00pm /17:00pm-21:00pm

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