May 3, 2010

Sushi Ikkan - Kochi, Japan


Kaiten sushi restaurant in Kochi, Japan. Prices are depends on your plates color. Each plate usually comes with 2 pieces. Tastes good and I had some unusual sushi pieces, like you can only get in Japan.


menu (limited time only)

there are 2 different types of tea bags and it's self serve.

北海炙り三種 (ズワイガニ、ホタテ、サーモン)

snow crab, scallop, salmon 368yen (little underUSD$4)

katsuo tataki (seared bonito) 168yen

green onion tuna 168 yen

raw shrimp 263 yen

Geso (squid legs) 126 yen (about USD $1)

Sea bream in 3 different styles (145kcal) 368 yen (little under USD $4)
from left: basil sauce, ponzu jelly, Hyaluronic acid jelly

red miso soup 126 yen

Rating (food): 4.3 / 5
Rating (service):
3.8 / 5

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