Jun 25, 2010

Japan trip - Food event at Daimaru department store in Kochi


Food pics from Daimaru department store in Japan. Too many good food in Japan.

strawberry roll 105yen(about $1, left) and one of my favorite bread バタートアリコルージュ(sesame, beans, sweet potato inside french bread) 304yen (about $3)

bento from place called "kintaro", they were all 30% off, each bento was under U.S. $2.
Their Katsuo (bonito) rice (picture right top) is recommended, but all other bento sucks.
Croissant/pastry from place called "mini one", total about U.S. $0.60.

sushi 260 yen (about U.S. $2.5) I think it was 50% off.

Here's the pics from some food event they had.

When I was ready to eat at home, it was already hard and wasn't so good. 2 sticks, total about U.S. $3



miso steamed bun about U.S. $3
didn't taste miso at all

I'm not sure how to explain but for picture top, it's gotta sweet potato on bottom, then chestnut pieces and chestnut paste inside uiro dough. I loved it.

And 2 croquettes total about U.S. $3.5. One is Hidaka beef croquette 189yen , and it was really delicious, and the other one is sukiyaki croquette 168yen, it was ok.

Here's the pics from Hokkaido food fair.


delicious sushi bento about U.S. $12

fresh baked melon pan. caramel melon pan (left) and yubari melon pan (right) total 378yen (under u.s. $4) I was so disappointed with their melon pan. All my family member said not so good.

flan cream puff about U.S. $4 and Raisin butter sandwich


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