Jun 22, 2010

Kochi, Japan 2010


Pics from Kochi, Japan.

outside kochi station
take tram, bus or train

This is the Harimaya bridge
Some of you might heard about it from the movie "The Harimaya bridge". It's smaller than you think.

Hello Kitty on the Harimaya bridge

Souvenir store. You can buy limited edition snacks and local food.

Kochi limited Hello Kitty snacks (yuzu sponge cakes, cookies, etc)

Kochi limited, buntan, ponkan, tomato jelly

I bought yuzu, tomato, and buntan jelly. Buntan is like grapefruit.

buntan jelly

jelly, ginger flan, yummy cream puff

donuts from floresta nature doughnuts
I've read so much about this donuts place and I've been wanted to try it, but it wasn't good as I thought.

Choikoro manju and Hello Kitty gaufre (gofuru)

Hamakou baumkuchen (top) and konatsu sand (sandwich cookies) (bottom)

grocery ads

ads from bakery

sandwich from Donald Duck bakery

kochi limited ice cream (yuzu, top and buntan, bottom)

kochi local food, ice cream(あいすくりん) and boushi-pan (hat bread)(ぼうしパン)

food from some festival. Kubokawa pork bbq, shiira(white fish) croquette, and.. can't remember.
kubokawa pork (grown in kubokawa, shimanto, kochi) really fatty, I didn't like it so much. Too bad, it suppose to be really good meat.

shiira (hippurus) croquette using fresh shiira caught in Shimanto river.

Cherry blossom mousse (315 yen) and Mont Blanc (388yen)
亜俚亜, 追手筋1-8-10

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