Jun 13, 2010

Koo's Grill and Bosco cake salon at California Market


I recently went to California Market to try Korean rice pancake from Koo's Grill food truck, located outside supermarket.

Sweet Korean rice pancake (hotteok) from Koo's Grill $1
chewy pancake with syrup (brown sugar, peanuts and cinnamon)
It's like eating chewy french toast. Good snack. I like it.

Also there is a Bosco cake salon inside supermarket. Since I've been wanted to try their cakes for a long time, I decided to get some. They also sells bread, but I read reviews and most people recommended to not buy bread from here, so I just got 2 small pieces of cakes. Also there were free sample of bread and I tasted, they were extremely dry and tasted old.

Raspberry milk chocolate and Green apple $2 each
They put my cakes in a paperback. I asked them to put in a box, but they said you have to buy at least 4 cakes. By the time I got home, one of my cake was little crushed, of course.

Unfortunately, I didn't like their cakes so much. They were all right, but so boring. Both sponge cake with mousse, similar flavor, not moist, little dry and not cheap.

California Market
450 S Western Ave
Los Angeles,CA 90020




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