Jun 21, 2010

Odakyu department store - Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan


I forgot I still haven't updated pics from Japan. Here's the pics from Odakyu department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I was waiting for my sister in Shinjuku subway and I saw this department store. So I just decided to check out their underground food hall.

Yes, it's just like grocery store but inside department store. You'll find fresh and delicious deli, pastries, bakery, meat, fish, sushi, tea, veggies, pretty much anything.

chinese, dimsum, shumai

sashimi, fish


Omusubi from Omusubi Hyakusen
around $2 each

$1-$2 each

delicious omusubi $5 a package

my bear cake (top), meat store (bottom)
When you buy cakes in Japan, they usually ask you how long to get to home, and then they'll add some ice pack (for free) to make sure it'll keep it cool.

cakes from Meiji Kinenkan Kanomi no Mori

420yen (about $4)
I feel so sorry eating it.


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