Jul 1, 2011

Mighty Boba and Streets of Thailand food truck


Just started two weeks ago, thanks to KtownDOTG, finally, the food trucks coming to Koreatown! Location is 2793 Olympic & Catalina, across from KFC. There's gonna be different gourmet food trucks every tuesday 6-9pm. Follow KtownDOTG on twitter for more info.


*updated: no trucks until mid August.

First week, there were Bool, Mighty Boba, Streets of Thailand and Rebel Bite trucks. I'm gonna be posting more pics on my next blog update.

bool truck. I didn't get anything from them.




Mighty Boba truck. I've had their boba drink before, so I decided to try some food this time.

Taiwanese sweet sausage $2

Popcorn chicken $4
You can choose how spicy you want. From 1-10, I got level 7. Yup, it was very spicy. The portion was big enough to share.




Streets of Thailand truck. I saw the menu, nothing excited, but I still wanted to try something from this truck. They recommended Pad Thai, but I was thinking.. hmm.. $7.5? Well, that's not cheap. Then I was also thinking about fried rice, so I asked if I can get half portion of Pad Thai and fried rice for total $7.5. They said "well. it's kind of difficult to make half portion" But they did it for me. Thank you :)


So this is fried rice with chicken. When I saw this, I was like.. um,. is this really half portion? Because the portion was huge. So does Pad Thai. My food was enough for 2 days. Fried rice was little disappointed. Not bad, but little too much soy sauce or something.

Pad Thai with chicken. Pad Thai was good.

Pad Thai




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