Jul 5, 2011

Rebel Bite and Jogasaki food trucks


KtownDOTG week2. There were Jogasaki and Rebel Bite trucks. Other trucks had some issues, so couldn't make it. Well, there were only two trucks but it's good for me (bad for them), because I could get to know them, plus no waiting line.

CLICK HERE for pic from more KtownDOTG food trucks

Jogasaki sushi burrito truck. Yup, sushi burrito. Don't you love that idea?
If you are not sure what to order, get Jogasaki #1 or #2 ($8). That's the most popular item on the menu. OR you can order #1 and ask to add one tempura for extra $1 or so. They'll probably do it.

Jogasaki #2 $8
crab meat, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber & shrimp tempura, wrapped in soy paper.

Spicy tuna tempura $5
deep fried spicy tuna roll, sweet eel sauce on top




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Rebel Bite food truck

Rebel Bite menu


Snowball $5
Pork + cheese. This was my fast time ever having grilled cheese sandwich. I didn't have any plan to eat grilled cheese sandwich, but Rebel Bite said "just try, and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. Try". Ok, well, I tried, and you know what, I actually liked it. I can't believe I ate cheese...

Sundried tomater $5
sauteed sundried tomater, chili verde, caramelized onions
This sandwich wasn't mine. I just took picture.

Dirty spaghetti taco $5
spaghetti smeared in roasted garlic bolognese sauce, caramelized kimchi in a taco shell. I couldn't tell if there was any kimchi in it or not. But you can taste roasted garlic.

One of the most unique taco I've had. Taco shell was toasted, so it's got a little crispy texture. Love it.




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