Aug 14, 2011

3rd annual Korean BBQ cook-off 2011


Pics from 3rd annual Korean BBQ cook-off. I missed last year but someone said they had more vendors last year.

Free choco pie and candies

BCD tofu house. It was all free.

Free sample of soon tofu. I had two cups.

LA Kalbi

LA kalbi. $10 for this? Sorry, but not for me. No, I didn't buy it. I just took a picture.

Seoul Sausage

Kalbi sausage $6
*Thanks for the kalbi sausage @Jowe Lee

I waited about 20-30 minutes to get this. But it was delicious.

Makkoli (left) and Myungjak Korean raspberry wine (right). I asked for sample of makkoli and the girl said "we usually don't have sample, but ok, here you go". Haha, nice.

Beer Belly

Beer Belly

Park's BBQ (left) and Don Dae Gam (right)

My plate of the food from Don Dae Gam $5
I asked them if I could have extra rice and they gave me some extra.

Palsaik (left) and Melona ice cream bar. I bought mango ice cream bar because it was 50 cents. They were trying to get rid of everything.

contestant: Wesley Lieberher

contestant: Chris Oh

contestant: Hogan Lee

contestant: Pat Chung

James Kyson Lee

James Kyson Lee, Simon Majumdar, Jonathan Gold

Wesley Lieberher, the winner of BBQ cook-off. He's the chef at Beer Belly.

Free goodies. choco pie, magazines, bear gums, candies, memo pad, 2 shot glasses

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