Apr 11, 2012

Ann's Bakery available at Farmer's Market


Ann's bakery Baked goods available at Farmer's Market. I purchased at Farmer's Market on Wilshire/Vermont. I tried donut and scones, and they were fine, nothing special. I also wish the lady was more friendly. When I bought my donut last year, she was saying something like "oh, just one donut, that's only 50 cents", blah, blah, blah.. like she seemed unhappy because I only spent 50 cents for one donut. Hey lady,  if you are not happy about it, don't sell it!
Their bread looks good and I do wanna try but I haven't bought any loaf bread from them because they are too moist, too much butter and calories, and I'm guessing too sweet for my taste. Of course I don't know it  because I haven't tried yet. But I wouldn't pay $4-5 for something I can easily make at home.

Donut $0.50

Scones. I think it was around $3-$4

Ann's Bakery 
854 N. Ventura Road
Port Hueneme, CA 93041





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