Apr 22, 2012

A-Won - Koreatown


You've heard about this place, of course. Because this place made Jonathan Gold’s Essential 99. Me and my friend wanted to eat some sushi in the area. But it's already 10pm. Noshi sushi was already closed. We were going to Shibucho, but my friend was saying the owner has been changed and the food is not good as it used to be, also the service is not very good. So we ended up coming here, at A-won. Because it was late, as soon as we arrived, our server told us, the kitchen is closing so we have to order right away. Maybe that's why we got some extra sushi pieces.

Anyway, the food arrived very quick. Yeah, of course. I'm sure they all wanted to go home. The food was fine as k-town sushi and sashimi spot, but not the best. If I have to pay my own money, I probably won't be back. It's pricey for what you get. There are other cheaper and better sushi places in L.A.

Also I took pics of the building and the menu, but I lost my photos so I got menu pics online. I'm not sure if the prices are currant or not.


complimentary soup, tea, banchan

Tempura assortment $14.95
I started eating as soon as arrived so it was actually delicious (when I ate 10-15 min later, it was just ok, so I do recommend to eat right away) and big portion. It's big enough to share with 2-3 people. But I ate almost all.

Sushi combo (12pcs) $17.95
I didn't realized it until now but there are 14 pieces. Well, I guess we got some extra pieces. Sushi was ok, just as we expected to be.

Assorted Sashimi bowl $19.95

 I didn't take pics but there were furikake rice under sashimi. Now that's interesting because usually this type of sashimi box (aka chirasi sushi) is served on plain sushi rice.  Also there were fukujinzuke (red pickles served at Japanese curry places). We were both like.. "really?"..

Rating: 3.7 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes

913 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 389-6764

Mon-Sat 11 am - 11 pm
Sun 4 pm - 10 pm



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