Oct 28, 2012

626 Night Market Oct. 20. 2012


I couldn't make it to the past 626night market but I made it this time. This time it happened at Santa Anita Park. This park is huge, but the place was packed later at the night. The weather was not very good, it started raining maybe around 7pm so we left.

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Astro's mini donuts

Thai satay chicken from Golden Snacks $2.50

From Takken

Japanese veggie croquette $2


Lemongrass pork meatballs $3

From 16oz. Ice Cream Bun $3
Sweet buns (I think it was Hawaiian rolls) with Thai ice cream

Gottsui Okonomiyaki

Angus Beef $5 and Seafood $5

Waffle samples

From Covina Tasty vegetarian fast food
Chick'n nugget $3
No, it wasn't real meat.

Pan fried buns $3

mama's special $3.75 from mama musubi
shrimp, imitation crab, scallions, ponzu mayo

From Velvet Rope
I tried sample of red velvet cake truffles, it was YUMMY.


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