Oct 24, 2012

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Pop Up in Los Angeles


Yes, they are here in Los Angeles for 4 days only, until Oct. 27. I had to try it. There were about 5 people in front of me, waited about 5-10 minutes. Not bad. I already new what I wanted to try. I wanted to eat Fig + olive oil sundae and cococone. But I didn't have enough cash with me, also I thought it's too much to eat two ice cream before my core class at the gym. So I got sundae. I'm hoping to catch the truck by the end of the week so I can try cococone too. My sundae was $6, not cheap. But who cares? They are only here for 4 days. So if you are in L.A., check their website for the truck schedule.


Fig + olive oil sundae $6
vanilla, olive oil, fig sauce.

I thought they're gonna swirl some fig sauce and olive oil, but this is what I got. It was like soft serve soaked in olive oil. I liked soft serve and fig sauce, but it was way too much olive oil for me. I wish they warned me. That was the only disappointment.



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