Nov 4, 2012

Brew Coffee Bar - Santa Monica


I was in the same building and I saw this coffee bar so I checked it on yelp and I saw many good reviews so I decided to try some coffee. On my first visit, I used yelp check-in offer for free small coffee because I didn't have enough cash with me to buy a latte. My second visit, I got croissant and latte. Small latte and croissant total $7.25 is not cheap but I know I almost never gonna be in the area so I just got my two favorite things.

My free coffee was extremely hot and I almost burned my mouth. Also it was bitter.

croissant $3

Latte (small) $4.25
Latte was good but not the best. Places like Cafe Dulce, Coffee CommissaryUrth caffe are so much better.

Brew Coffee Bar
2425 Colorado Ave, Ste B118
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 453-8600

Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

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