Jul 1, 2013

Bibimbap backpackers Korean food tasting event in Los Angeles. 6.28.2013


I was invited to Bibimbap Backpackers event in L.A. on June 28th at Korean Cultual Center. I guess they wanted to introduce Korean food to people who doesn't know so much about Korean food since most of the guests were non-korean / Asians. It was fun event, I got to see some people I hadn't seen for a while, and also met new food bloggers.

I already posted more pics on my FACEBOOK page.


-- with kimchi mayo dip. We couldn't stop eating it.

Mandoo (dumplings)

Toppoki (rice cake) was one of my favorite.



bibimbap  - pork and kimchi

ingredients for do-it-yourself bibimbap

You pick whichever you want for your bibimbap

This is my bibimbap

I saw they had cornflakes as one of the topping so I tried few pieces. It wasn't bad at all.

It tasted like apple juice. delicious.


swag bag


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