Jul 20, 2013

Pinkberry tasting event at Pinkberry headquarters kitchen


I was invited to Pinkberry's tasting event at Pinkberry's headquarters yesterday. I get to taste Pinkberry's new flavors. How can I miss this event, right? The event started at 5pm but I had to work so I got there little after 7pm. Yes, I missed first 2 hours. But as soon as I arrived they brought me some of the samples I missed. Yay!! I was so happy!!

Old-fashioned butter pecan
butter pecan pinkberry, caramelized pecans, caramel sauce

Banana nut bread
butter pecan pinkberry, banana, caramelized pecans, light agave

caramel chocolate crunch
butter pecan pinkberry, caramelized pecans, milk chocolate crunch, chocolate sauce

caramel chocolate crunch was probably one of my favorite of all above. I love anything with choco crunch.

They also had some crackers and waters

Here's all the little samples just for me!

I love anything with granola and berries. Yum.

The most unique flavor; sunflower cucumber.
Sunflower seeds, crackers, cucumber, and olive oil with red pepper on greek yogurt. It didn't taste like dessert.

This one was refreshing

And some goodies to take home with me.

Thanks, Pinkberry. Now I have something to eat in the morning! My fridge was empty..

--And I didn't realize until I read her blog but Lynn Chen from The Actor's Diet was there too. And my camera caught her. That's one of my problem, I can't see people's face clearly without my glasses on. I guess that's why I didn't notice her.


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