Jun 6, 2014

Yelp elite event at The Guitar Center


I've been too busy and haven't been to many Yelp elite event this year, which is really sad. I missed many good events already. But hopefully I get to go more events.

Anyway, here's the photos from Yelp elite event that happened at The Guitar Center in Hollywood.
There were food from Pink's hot dogs, The frosted petticoat, vintage enoteca, milkstache, and some beer and hard liqueur. It was such a fun night and I met new friends!

vegan hot dog with chili
When I said vegan hot dog with chili, the guy told me, "there are meat in chili". He thought I'm vegan since I was getting vegan dog.  I thought that was funny.

beef hot dog

vegan hot dog

bacon deviled eggs

It's chocolate and my hands were glittery



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