May 3, 2015

Deep Wrinkle Cream with Matryxl 3000 and Vitamin A


This product contains:
Matrixyl 3000 - major wrinkle fighting ingredient used as an alternative to Retin A. Increases collagen synthesis up to 350%.

- Contains Effcetive Peptides ingredients which  aim at stimulating the synthesis and replenishment of the skin matrix (the skin's structural framework)
- For Visible Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles .
-Use Daily for younger looking and healthy skin
-Made in the USA in our FDA certified facility
-No Parabens, No Alcohol
-Promote Collagen Biosynthesis , Trap Moisture To Hydrate Your Skin
-Counter the Aging Effect Of Stress On Your Skin

-Reduce Wrinkles By Up To 45% In 28 Days

It's thick, moisturize very well. I like this product.

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