Oct 27, 2015

Stevia sweetened Stivii chocolate


I recently received Stivii chocolates.

Each of  Stivii chocolate products is sweetened with Stevia to provide incredible taste while still allowing fewer calories. Made with only the finest ingredients, including 55% cacao, you can get your chocolate fix while consuming 25% fewer calories than traditional dark chocolate products. Their Swiss quality chocolates come in a variety of flavors including, dark chocolate, chili, blueberry almond, pomegranate and white peach. Each of our chocolate products is UTZ Certified which promotes sustainable farming, better working conditions and enhanced farming methods of cocoa.

White peach dark chocolate
There are peaces of peach in it. All Stivii chocolates are using real fruit pieces instead of juice powder or artificial flavoring. The peach flavor is not strong and I couldn't really tell it's peach flavor.

Blueberry Almond dark chocolate
I love when I see almonds in chocolates. But this one also has blueberries in it, too. I just can't stop eating it. love it. 


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