Jun 27, 2016

I Max plant stem-cell cream and 45% Trichloroacetic Acid Serum-Deep Chemical


Plant Stem Cell Cream

I Max Plant Stem Cell Cream of Gardenia Stems GXTM for Anti-aging, Wrinkle Reducing and Lifting Sagged Skin by Protecting our Skin's Stem Cell, Boosting New Collagen Synthesis and Preventing Collagen Loss.

Gardenia Stems GXTM provide triple targeted protection of collagen systems. Gardenia Stems GXTM is a plant stem cell extract providing multi-level protection of the collagen network by boosting new collagen synthesis and preventing collagen loss. Collagen is the main structural protein of the extracellular matrix giving support and firmness to the skin.

As most components of the skin, it undergoes continuous turnover: new collagen is continuously produced and recycled throughout life. While aging occurs, collagen degradation physiologically tends to speed up and contributes to weakening and wrinkling of the skin Our skin stem cells have a limited life time due to DNA damage, aging and oxidative stress.


45% Trichloroacetic Acid Serum-Deep Chemical 

TCA makes the top layers of skin cells dry up and be peeled off over a period of one to two weeks. The skin turnover rate is significantly promoted by TCA. After the old skin is peeled off, a new layer of undamaged skin is exposed. It has smoother texture and lighter and more even color. I Max 45% Trichloroacetic Acid Serum-Deep Chemical Peel is a high concentrate facial serum for tightening, lifting, wrinkle reducing, antiaging, fading dark spots (it has to be diluted 2-4 times) and treating skin abnormalities, such as skin tags, moles, or warts (dilution is not necessary). Unlike other chemical peel products, this serum is formulated very uniquely with effective actives for nurturing, soothing, healing and hydrating like Vitamin Bs, Beta glucan and Organic Botanical extracts.

TCA peel is usually used to 1. Reduce fine lines. 2. Fade dark and brown spots. 3. Improve skin texture. 4. Lift loose face and neck. 5. Glow face. It obviously brings us great results of the skin beauty and rejuvenation.

-A temporary painful, tingling or burning sensation has been often noted upon initial contact as well as heightened skin sensitivity, redness and peeling. These are very normal and will be disappeared soon but those with extra-sensitive or allergic skin should do a patch test on a small and less visible area first to determine if their skin may tolerate this serum.
-Never use manual exfoliators nor scrubbing brushes within 24 hours of using this serum. Never use this serum on the open or inflamed skin.

Patch Test: If you are the 1st time user of AHA or your skin is allergic or oversensitive to AHA, you must use this serum after doing a patch test and waiting for 24-72 hours for result only to see if your skin can tolerate AHA. This serum is well known as #1 safe chemical peel which enhances new skin cell turnover and dissolves the uppermost layer of the epidermis resulting fresh, smooth and light skin. You may have to dilute high concentrate of the serums of 45%..

For the normal skin's beauty and health, dilute 2 to 4 times. Wash your face thoroughly with cleanser and apply the diluted serum evenly with cotton pads or fan brush. After 15 minutes, wash out and towel dry. After you pass a patch test, start applying the serum once or twice a week and observe your skin condition. Increase usage up to 3 to 4 times a week for a month. Stop or decrease usage if your skin becomes satisfying, too thin or sensitive.


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