Aug 28, 2016

Golden Pouch - Koreatown


About a month ago, New dimsum place opened in Koreatown.It's owned by the same owner of Quarter's BBQ and Klat. So I'm guessing they are using good quality meat. I was here during soft opening, and the business hours were 6pm-12am.The food wasn't bad. I liked shumai a lot and I'm willing to go back and try buns. But we ended up waiting for 40 minutes because someone else took our food by mistake. They need to provide number card or something. They put everything in a to go box and just leave the box with other customer's box.

This is how you order.

Boba green milk tea $3.99 
Boba wasn't soft enough

Bulgogi Xiao Long Bao (10pcs) $9.99

Chive shrimp pork Shao Mai (10pcs) $8.99 
They were my favorite of all. 

Sriracha bulgogi eggrolls (6pcs)$7.99 

Golden Pouch 
3324 W 6th St,
Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 263-2700


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