Aug 15, 2016

OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber


OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber is created with the simplest idea in the world: to compete with benefiber and optifiber.

It's dietary fiber powder made with wheat dextrin, same as benefiber and optifiber; it's all natrual, same as benefiber; it dissolves completely in water, non-Thickening, sugar-free & flavor free, gluten not detected, same as benefiber.

It dissovles better than benefiber and much better than optifiber. Optifiber does not dissolve completely in cold water, instead, it forms gel, which indicates some issues in either the ingredient itself or the manufacturing process. Benefiber dissovles in cold water, but when comparing to our product, it does not dissovle as qucikly as our product, which means our product has smaller molecules and can perform better.

- All natural ingredients
- Dissolves completely in water, Non-Thickening, Sugar-Free & Flavor Free
- Made in FDA approved c-GMP Certified Facility
- 4 gram of pure dietary fiber per serving, providing you 16% of daily fiber intake

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