Aug 22, 2016

Volùm Lashes Natural 3D Authentic Mink False Eyelashes


I'm so excited that I just received these mink lashes! I wear lashes every day because I don't like my small Asian eyes and false lashes makes your eyes look bigger. Plus it's easier than putting mascara on. Well, that's just my opinion.

- Natural Dramatic Lashes: Increase the length and curl of your lashes naturally for any occasion
- Durathin Technology: Thin, comfortable, yet durable band allows multiple uses with proper care
- 100% Authentic Cruelty-Free North American Mink Fur: Stunning mink lashes resemble human hair
- Easy Application and Removal: Apply and remove the lashes by following our simple 3 step process - Loads of Lashes: Approximately 550 Individual Lashes in every box hand-crafted onto each band

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